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FlyKly – future mobility

I’ve been interested in alternatives to cars for urban mobility for years. Several earlier posts have covered new and interesting ideas. The latest development to catch my eye is the FlyKly smart bike conversion. Rather than a new idea, FlyKly is an evolution and confluence innovation bringing together pedal assistance, smart-phone control and social media in one elegant retro-fit package.

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FlyKly integrates everything in the hub – you control it with an App!

Check out the video:

The project is currently seeking crowd funding. Interested?

Click through to the FlyKly web site for more.

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20s Plenty for Us

What a delight to stumble across the website of 20’s Plenty for Us!

My hypothetical Parallel Universe turns out to be in the UK…

In March 2010 when I first wrote about an imaginary futuristic world where the maximum speed of any powered road transport device is 30-km/h within urban areas the notion seemed plausible to me, but most readers politely suggested the idea would remain a dream.  It turns out that dreams can come true:  The 20’s Plenty for Us movement in the UK (20 mph = 32-km/h) appears to be gaining some real traction.

Already 5m residents live in towns which are adopting or have adopted this policy. Most importantly, through democratic debate those communities have decided that “20s Plenty Where People Live”. And it is those same communities who have then changed their behaviour to drive slower in residential streets and where people walk and cycle.

via 20s Plenty for Us.

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On cars and neighbourhoods – parallel universe reprise

Last year in my post “parallel universe number one” I wrote about an imaginary world where the maximum speed of any powered road transport device is 30-km/h within urban areas.  As a consequence the urban experience there is surprisingly different to that of our universe.

The post was never intended to be a learned discourse, rather I use a narrative style to make the points.  A recent question on sustainable transport caused me to revisit it and I’m pleased to report that even after nearly a year the scenario still looks like a valid alternative to me!

I’d be delighted to hear your thoughts, if you can spare the half hour or so to read the original post.

Keep an eye out for Peda Pods too:

100% people power

Buena Vista Social Club Saves the Planet – part 2

Or, ways toward sustainability

Part 2 [Part 1 here]

The music has survived:

The Cuban experience is to me a case study of what potentially lies ahead for the developed world. The entire basis of the Cubans’ economy was ripped out from under their collective feet by a single event that may have been predictable for more than a decade, had anyone cared to look into it. Cubans literally awoke one day to a diminished world.

The end of abundant oil will be the end of a way of life built up over little more than a century, yet so utterly energy-dependent are we now that it may take as long again to find the alternative. What will life be like in the transition?  Do we have the music? Continue reading

Parallel Universe #1

I’ve been having a recurring dream.  I dreamt it again last night, so maybe writing it down will make a difference?

At first, in this dream I don’t realise that I’ve slipped into a parallel universe.  My surroundings look entirely familiar, until I step outside.  It is a beautiful spring morning, warm sunshine, a gentle breeze, birdsong on the air, and unusually peaceful for a weekday.  Then I notice that ‘my’ street has changed.  The road pavement is narrower and most of the houses have lost their driveways.  Carports and garages are missing.  The street trees are bigger and there are more of them.  Where driveways had been there are footpaths and gardens.  Garden plots overflowing with food crops transform the streetscape.  In the distance I see some neighbours out tending their gardens, or talking.  Youngsters are playing a ball game on the road.  On the road!  Then the realisation hits me; no cars!  Where are all the cars? Continue reading