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Thin Air – Stuart McMillen comics

How do trees manufacture mass out of thin air?

Stuart McMillen’s latest illustrated essay (he calls them comics, but I think that sells them short) is one of his best yet.  How do trees manufacture mass out of thin air?  How do our human building techniques and processes compare?

Fans of Stuart’s will know to expect a beautifully illustrated and well told story that will really get you thinking – they will not be disappointed with Thin Air!  Newbies please take some time to check out Stuart’s web site, not just his ‘comics’.

Thin Air trees cartoon – Stuart McMillen comics.


Wind Power Is Not Intermittent?

Stuart McMillen provides an analysis of why wind power can be considered as a reliable source of energy, even when the wind isn’t blowing…

"Recombinant Records Wind Power link"

Wind Power Is Not Intermittent < Recombinant Records.