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Community Based Renewable Energy Programs

City of Victor Harbor

Victor Harbor South Australia

I’ve been inspired recently by genuine grass-roots community initiatives to regain control of their energy security as a buffer against increasing costs and supply disruptions through investment in cooperative style renewable energy.  The City of Victor Harbor in South Australia in particular has made an impressive start – more below, but first some background.

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Carbon offset credits?

The Question (from Florida): Are purchasing carbon offset credits really helpful to the environment? Where are the statistics these are actually a positive endeavour?

My Answer:

Lies, damned lies and statistics, to borrow from Mark Twain, seldom convince anyone who doesn’t agree with them in the first place. Proof positive of an environmental benefit is a long time coming in most cases. Unfortunately if we just ‘wait and see’ then it will definitely be too late to avoid harm.

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Is low carbon construction a sustainable model?

The Question: (from Amanda in the USA)

Saving the planet or maximising a growing opportunity? Is low carbon construction a sustainable model?

I’m trying to ascertain whether construction companies are following low carbon strategies to save the planet, to follow the crowd or to benefit from genuine contract opportunities. Will low carbon and sustainable projects offer life support to many recession-challenged SMEs? Is there business for the taking? What do you think?

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